Astor's 7 Day Self Care Challenge


Astor is launching a 7 day Self-Care Challenge to encourage those within our community to take some time to re-focus some “Me time.” 


Self-Care has an emphasis on mental and physical wellness, which are two of the most important components of caring for one’s self. We are excited to be collaborating with local professionals from various fields to contribute to our mission of educate everyone the importance of Self-Care. 

All proceeds will go towards self-care activities for children and staff.


We would like to offer you the opportunity to join Astor as a Sponsor/Contributor, an Advocate, or as a Friend to the 7-day campaign. As a Sponsor/Contributor you would be asked to provide resources, information, tips, and educational materials around your area of expertise. 


Examples of Content: 

Content Distribution 

Please reach out to Richmond Arce at  (845) 594-6682 for more info.

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