70-70-70 Campaign


The campaign has a fundraising goal of $70,000 for each of our 70 programs throughout the Hudson Valley and the Bronx.

*Donations will directly support our Enrichment Fund.


This Fund will allow children who receive mental/behavioral health and educational services through Astor, the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities such as sports, art, and music. Studies show enrichment activities promote wellness, confidence, and a sense of belonging, and healing during times of treatment. Many of the children within Astor’s care are from low-income families who cannot afford the recommended enhancement programs that can add significantly to their treatment plan. Many have experienced traumas in their lives, so programs that promote healing are imperative to their recovery. These programs include; sports activities, summer camps, after-school programs, etc.

This campaign will be ongoing.  Donors can make a pledge over time (over several years).