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DEI Advisory Council Update

November 2020

DEI Advisory Council Update

Astor’s DEI Advisory Council has been hard at work with the development and implementation of several initiatives to meet our DEI strategic objectives.   Over the past 3 and half months, we’ve succeeded at creating an agency DEI statement, adding a question around diversity equity, and inclusion to our hire application, and collaborating with our data department around our customer satisfaction survey questions.  We have also begun the roll out of our DEI Supervisory training curriculum, facilitated by Amin Lilley and Raven Maldonado-Brown.  The DEI Advisory Council has also been instrumental in the development of the larger DEI curriculum, which will be unveiled in the new year.

Two additional and significant initiatives involve the creation of an agency interview rubric and meaningful feedback systems. The interview rubric will allow hiring managers to reduce bias in the interview process, more appropriately match candidate experiences with required job skills, and gage candidates’ ability to carry out our agency’s core values in their work.  After launching our staff engagement survey in the new year, our feedback workgroup will reconvene to analyze data and work with programs around developing feedback systems that will allow for consistent dialogue around program improvements.  We look forward to engaging the Astor community in opportunities for much needed reflection, processing, and learning as we move into the new year!



Astor Community Norms for Courageous Conversations


Responsibility to Each Other and to the Courageous Conversation Process

Stay Engaged

Speak Your Truth 

Listen for Understanding

Expect and Accept Non-Disclosure 

Honor Confidentiality

Intention and Impact

Additional Ground Rules Agreed to by the Group (optional)

*Adapted from “Courageous Conversations about Race”