Early Recognition Screening Program


Developmental Screenings

  • Early Recognition Screening Program is funded by a grant from the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH).
  • The Early Recognition Screening Program is a first step in the early recognition of emotional and developmental issues that could affect children. Evaluating children’s social and emotional development is as important to their overall health as having yearly medical and dental checkups.
  • Screening and referral services are available to all children between the ages of 2 and 21 residing in Dutchess and Ulster Counties.
  • This free and confidential screening process was created to identify the emotional and social needs of children and help to address these needs in a timely manner, so as to not compromise their scholastic performance and emotional development.

Why is screening important?

  • Emotional issues can affect how well children do in school and relate to their family and friends. By identifying emotional issues early, this program can help children get the support they may need.

Early intervention can:

  • Keep issues from affecting emotional, intellectual or physical development.
  • Provide relief from symptoms early on and possibly prevent long term problems.
  • Improve school performance and personal relationships with family and friends.
  • The results of a child’s screening are confidential, and the parents or legal guardian will be notified by phone or by letter.
  • Information from screening results can only be shared with childcare agencies with the written consent of the parent. Astor’s Early Recognition Screening Program is designed to allow parents an insightful view into the social and emotional development of their child. Referral services are offered to those children in need of further attention.

For more information about the program call:
(845) 452-6293

13 Mt. Carmel Place
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-1714
Fax: (845) 452-6235

For more information please read our Early Recognition Screening Program brochure