Community-Based Educational and Mental Health Programs for Children and Adolescents

boy at tableAstor operates various community-based educational and mental health programs at facilities throughout the New York State Mid-Hudson Valley Region and the Bronx, NY. For children and adolescents with moderate to severe behavioral health problems, our clinics provide a wide range of counseling, treatment and education services.

Astor’s outpatient behavioral health centers and day treatment programs are licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health. Our facilities provide help to children and adolescents with serious emotional disturances, and offer a planned combination of evidence-based treatment services.

Who We Serve
Astor’s Community-Based Services are available to children and adolescents with severe emotional disturbances, up to 18 years of age, or 21 if still in school and living at home with their families. All services are offered without regard to race, gender, income, national origin, sexual orientation, or religion.

Core Values For Working With Children

  • All families have strengths.
  • Families deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • The type and degree of support each family needs vary throughout the life span.
  • Diversity is an important and valuable reality in our society.
  • Families need coordinated services from agencies using a similar approach.
  • Families should choose their own goals and the methods to achieve them.
  • The system of care for families should be child-centered and family-focused, with the needs of the child and family dictating the types and mix of services.

Clinic Services

kids on the grassClinical services are provided by members of Astor’s licensed professional staff.

Family participation in the treatment process is important. Astor focuses on each family’s strengths in order to develop and implement an individualized treatment plan. Steps are identified to help strengthen each family’s ability to reach the goals of their plan.

The Pathways to Healthy Living Program provides a holistic approach for treating sexual harm using evidence-based practices. Our goal is to help families heal from pain, and help the youth lead a healthy, productive life, free from causing harm.

This program offers:

  • assessment and treatment planning
  • combination of family, individual, and group therapy
  • psycho-education group for non-offending parents
  • safety plan based on a Home Safety Assessment
  • assistance in the development of a support network for youth
  • coordination and collaboration between other service providers/probation
  • services to assist the family with reconciliation, reunification and restorative justice.

Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an empirically-supported treatment for children ages 2-7 who engage in oppositional and defiant behaviors. The emphasis is on improving the quality of the parent-child interaction and changing the undesirable patterns. Parents are taught skills to establish a secure and nurturing relationship, and the child learns to improve their social skills while decreasing negative behaviors.

Astor’s clinical treatment centers provide services during the day, after school, and in the evening.

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