Astor Services:
Strategic Plan 2022-2027

A Bold Yet Pragmatic Vision

Astor Services 2022-2027 Strategic Plan positions us as a data-driven organization focused on quality programs and financial stability. The role of the family is central to our work, and their satisfaction with our services is paramount.
Strategic Plan 2022-27

Strategic Drivers

High Quality & Seamless Care

Create and deliver high quality behavioral health and educational services to meet the current and growing needs of our community. Allow for clients to transition to their communities, schools, home and lifestyles with necessary resources.

Provide effective, quality, and evidence-based programs: Use Key Performance Indicators to ensure quality outcomes. Train employees on evidence-based models to ensure best practices for treatment success.

Improve consumer experience and access to services: Improve the youth and family experience of care. Provide timely access to services.


Effectively communicate, externally, and internally, to increase operational efficiencies, increase the awareness of our programs, and demonstrate the impact of our services and the value of this organization and community.

Create communication style that exhibits transparency: Provides clients, employees, and community partners with direct information about their care, the quality of the work and their role in our and their success.

Profile agency as an organization of excellence: Effectively communicate with employees, stakeholders, and or community to establish Astor as the preeminent provider.

Organization rebranding: Create an Astor brand that reflects current programs, services, and practice.

Increase Bronx visibility: Ensure that Astor in the Bronx is well-known in the community to increase clientele, funding opportunities, and recruitment.

Family Driven

Communicate effectively to improve and extend our services

Recognize that family support is critical in clients achieving change and success. Create a culture that supports the family vision and voice. Ensures shared decision making and responsibility.

Engage and empower families as active partners: Provide families with information that allows them to be active partners in decisions about services and treatment, so that clients can comply with treatment recommendations and be empowered to take ownership of the direction of their care.

Develop and implement family centered services and treatment models: Ensures a collaboration where services can be responsive to priorities, preferences, and values of the client and their families.


Develop skill sets, encourage strategic thinking throughout the organization, and promote a long- range approach to problem- solving. Promote objective analysis and strategic planning to position Astor both internally and externally as a leader in behavioral health and family services.

Build and strengthen sustainable leadership: Identify and train high-potential employees for key management roles. Build a strong middle management line for effective succession planning.

Adopt diversity, equity, and inclusion practices: Provide an environment that promote shared experiences, broader perspectives, allows us to better understand our employees and clients, and gives opportunities to all.

Strategic Growth

Empower the family as the primary support system for the child

Continue to develop long-term strategic partnerships with key local community partners for the purpose of optimizing the use of existing resources and improving access to quality care. Provide organization capacity to overcome current and future challenges to realize our goals and expansion.

Partners: University, Government, Businesses, Community-Based Organizations, Healthcare Systems, Child and Family Serving Agencies, Local Authorities (fire/police), Family Support/Advocacy Agencies.

Establish Alliances and Partnerships: Promote and pursue strategic alliances and partnerships to add value to payers, staff, and external stakeholders to expand service delivery and improve the quality of care and overall health of children and families. 

Maintain strategic plan for opportunities based on health care environment: Ensure Astor is at the forefront of opportunities in behavioral health by designing sustainable programming, getting diverse funding, and positioning ourselves for growth.

Ensure physical space and environment meets current and future needs: Assess the physical space needs of current and future programming and services, so that we have a socially and clinically appropriate environment.

Bridge geographic gap of services and locations: Assess needs in areas north of Bronx and South of Rhinebeck, so that we can being closing the gap in geography and create employment opportunities for current and future employees that impact that growth of the organization and needs of the communities.

Develop long-term plan for information technology: Develop a long-term plan that sustains and extends Astor’s strategies for privacy, growth, and quality. Provides guidance to evolve and mature our current systems so that we can achieve our strategic initiatives.


Achieve long-term financial stability by increasing the depth and scope of the agency’s revenue base, maximizing efficiencies and evaluating program/services impact and sustainability. Diversity fundraising opportunities that ensure long-term financial health.

Achieve individual programs profit base budgets: Assess and monitor programs where deficit occurs and create strategy for profit-based budgets.

Create financial stability: Have a well-functioning financial system that allow for growth and minimizes risks.

Ensure financial health: Monitor financial indicators that address financial health, such as liquidity, equity, unrestricted dollars, fundraising goals, and other key indicators.


Recruit, develop and retain a competent, culturally diverse, motivated and productive workforce, improve employee engagement, promote and reward innovation.

Improve employee life cycle: Implement an employee life cycle strategy that provides and on-boarding and exit where the employee and Astor has benefitted. Ensure we can have talent retention and reputation improvement.

Establish and leverage our employer brand: Provide an environment where the Astor name is synonymous with a balanced work and family experience.

Development remote work plan: Develop a plan where the lines between work and home life are clear and there is a balance that allows for productivity and employee freedom.

Improve recruitment marketing efforts: A strategy and plan of action to successfully identify, attract, hire, and retain the best candidate.

Strategic Plan 2022-27