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Board of Directors 
Astor Services for Children & Families 



  • Mrs. Vincent Astor*
  • Sister Serena Branson*
  • Mr. Francis X. Gallivan
  • Mr. John J. Gartland, Jr.*
  • Honorable Joseph Jiudice*
  • Mr. Michael C. Mazzarella
  • J. Joseph McGowan, Esq 
  • Mr. James M. Raimo
  • Virginia H. Sibbison, PhD
  • Mr. Robert P. Viarengo

*Emeritus Directors Deceased


Board of Directors
The Children’s Foundation of Astor

Executive Leadership 
Astor Services for Children & Families

  • Amie Adams, LCSWR
    Chief of Quality Improvement, Client Risk, & Compliance
  • Katherine Bagshaw
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Yvette Bairan
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Sonia Barnes-Moorhead
    Executive Vice President, The Children’s Foundation of Astor  
  • Denize Da Silva-Siegel, MD
    Medical Director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist 
  • Rod DiMotta, PhD
    Chief Strategic Initiative and Business Development (SIBD) Officer
  • Himali Pandya
    Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • Todd Karlin, PsyD
    Chief Program Officer
  • Daniel Korovikov, PsyD
    Director of Analytics
  • Trish Luchnick
    Director for Family-Driven Care
  • Sarai Manuel, LMFT
    Bronx Prevention Program Director
  • Sean McLaughlin
    Assistant Executive Director, Agency Operations
  • Nancy Santiago
    Chief Financial Officer   
  • Kim M. Stella LCSW
    Assistant Executive Director, Care Management & Prevention  
  • Kim Tsoubris
    AED of Early Childhood Programs Bronx/Hudson Valley  
  • Leslie Vosburgh
    Executive Assistant & Secretary for Board of Directors


Young Professionals Board