Information For Our Contractors And Vendors


Our organization has adopted a Corporate Compliance Plan to comply with Federal and NYS laws. Our Policy is intended to detect and prevent Medicaid waste, fraud, and/or abuse.

It is the duty of all of our contractors, vendors and agents to comply with the policies set forth in our Corporate Compliance Plan as applicable to their individual areas of employment or contracts.

Our Compliance Plan also advises all of our contractors, vendors and agents of the procedures to be used in reporting non-compliance with applicable Federal and State laws.


We invite all of our contractors, vendors and agents to read over and familiarize themselves with our Corporate Compliance Plan.

We require that all applicable contractors, vendors and agents fill out and return to us a signed copy of our Contractors and Vendors Compliance Form.

Sign the form and mail it to us at this address:

Corporate Compliance Officer
Astor Services 
6339 Mill Street
Rhinebeck, New York 12572

Should you have any questions, please phone our Corporate Compliance Officer at (845)871-1000.

It's really not difficult!