Children's Foundation of Astor

Astor Adopt-A-Family Program

Join our Adopt-A-Family Program

and bring joy to a child in need this holiday season.

Over 15 years, Adopt-A-Family has matched children in Astor’s programs (and their immediate family members), who are in need, with donors who purchase gifts for them during the holiday season.  Thanks to donors and the generosity of the community more than 2,000 of the neediest children in Astor’s programs enjoyed a brightened holiday season last year. The overwhelming success of this program has however necessitated some change. 

In 2019, our Adopt-A-Family program will only be matching donors with children and family members aged 18 and younger. In addition to “Adopting” a child, we are offering you the opportunity to make a direct DONATION to the program.  Gift cards will be purchased for food and necessities for the families.
To participate in this program, please sign up using the form below. Once registered, you will receive a list of the children you have adopted for the holiday season.  Information will be included about the child’s needs as well as wishes. This list represents items that would be appreciated—not a shopping list. Your gift-giving is guided by your family situation.  Wrapped gifts will be accepted in Rhinebeck, NY or the Bronx in early December.

Please contact Dana Valdez at or 845-853-2933 with any questions.



Gift Delivery Information:

Dutchess County Fairgrounds 
Gate #1 6636 Route 9, Rhinebeck, NY 

Sunday, Dec. 8th   10 am – 4 pm
Monday, Dec. 9th  8 am – 6 pm
Tuesday, Dec. 10th  8 am – 6 pm


Bronx Preventive Programs
750 Tilden Street, Bronx, NY

Friday, Dec 6th   9 am –  5 pm
Monday, Dec 9th  10 am-7 pm
Tuesday, Dec 10th  10 am-7 pm

Please do not use this form to enroll in the program to receive gifts. 

For more information on enrolling as a recipient please contact the Astor Services for Children & Families Program you or your child attends.