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Dutchess County Helping Our Families Guide

Welcome To The Dutchess County Resource Guide

A comprehensive guide to services available to children and families in Dutchess County NY. Use this guide to locate up-to-date community resources for your children and family. Service providers and other professionals can use this guide to assist families with connecting to community resources. 

Helpin Our Families Guide

The guide is designed to walk you step-by-step through various possibilities for dealing with your concerns and to help you understand the possibilities and limitations of various choices, where to go for help, and what questions to ask yourself and service providers along the way.


Helping Our Families Guide 2022 (in MS Word) or Helping Our Families Guide 2022 as a pdf


In this guide you will find:

Table of Contents


CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

State-Wide Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Public Health Nursing Division 

Early Childhood Services 

Infant Socialization

Child Care Assistance 


Alternative Education

Dutchess County School Districts

After School Programs & Recreation

Town Recreation, Libraries, Police

 Family Education, Support and Advocacy (CAC, NAMI, DC MHA)

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Behavioral and Community Health 

C-SPOA (Single Point of Access)

Children and Family Treatment Support Services

ECCSI (Enhanced Coordinated Children’s Services Initiative) 

Safety and Victim Assistance Programs 

Department of Community and Family Services

Emergency Financial Assistance & SNAP

SSI & SSDI (Social Security Income and Disability Insurance)

DC Office of Probation and Community Corrections

Addictions (Use, Abuse and Recovery Services


Older Youth/Young Adults

Teen Pregnancy 


Health Services

Dutchess County Public Transit

Community Action Partnership

Dutchess County Food Access

Useful Terms and Definitions

Child Development Information


Informational Websites

Quick Access Phone Directory 

Dutchess County System of Care Chart 

ACES Charts …


Don’t forget there is now a general information number you can call in Dutchess County to find out about a broad range of services: “211”