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Author: David Crenshaw

How to Help your Child Grieve

Over 20 years ago, I discussed theses seven steps of grieving in a book called “Bereavement: Counseling the Grieving throughout the Lifecycle” and while some are self-evident others require more explanation.

It is important to stress to a child what you keep after a death.

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Dr. Mark Katz And His Influence On Children In The Hudson Valley

Bringing Hope To Those In Need

Dr. Mark Katz spoke at our Annual Public Policy Breakfast on Thursday, March 15.  Dr. James McGuirk, our Executive Director and CEO, introduced me to Dr. Katz’s work more than 20 years ago and his book, Playing a Poor Hand Well, has informed my work and many others in this region.  Anyone who has been trained or worked in the Astor organization has been well-schooled in the resilience mindset and strength-based approach to working with children and families.

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