Back to school tips



By Theresa Venticinque, LCSW

An advertisement several years ago showed the following:  a blissful scene, parents running through the aisles of their local office supply store, gathering items such as books, pencils, folders, and notebooks.  They throw items into the shopping cart with huge smiles on their faces while “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” plays in the background.  It can only mean one thing… Back to School!  

While this may be the case for many parents and caregivers readying their young ones to go back to school, it is not the case for everybody.  For many families, particularly those with children with special needs, back to school can be a time of stress and concerns about what the new school year will bring.  The thoughts of early morning wake-ups, runs to make the bus in time, and evenings and weekends full of power struggles over homework are enough to strike a sense of horror and dread in even the calmest and collected individuals.  

Back to school does not have to mean doom and gloom to all.  There are many different things that families can do to help make the transition smoother.  

Here are some tips that may help: 

Back to school does not have to equate to doom and gloom. With a little planning and organization, you can make what can be a very stressful time more relaxed and successful for you and your children.