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We Built a Playground!

May 1, 2018 Read more…

We built a playground with help from KaBOOM!, The Walt Disney Company, and Catholic Charities of NY, for the children Astor’s Lawrence F. Hickey Center in the Bronx.

Healing Power of Horses

May 1, 2018 Read more…

Healing Power of Horses – How horses helped Harry Brown, a former Astor resident, lead his best life. Astor Family Magazine Spring 2018

Healing Through Play

May 1, 2018 Read more…

Play is a way for children to explore and learn about the world. It is understood that the language skills of a very young child are often beyond what they can verbally express. It is a natural thing for children to pick up toys, and toys become their words.

Astor's PDI and CDI Program

September 2017 Read more…

Astor's Parent Directed Interaction (PDI) and Child Directed Interaction (CDI) Program teaches parents and caregivers how to interact with your child in a positive way.

KaBoom! A New Playground for Bronx Preschoolers

October 5, 2017 Read more…

Staff from Astor, the Walt Disney Company, and KaBOOM!, and scores of community volunteers join forces to build a new KaBOOM playground for preschoolers in Astor's Bronx program for kids with special cognitive and behavioral needs.