Astor Stands Against Racism and Injustice

Yvette BairanLike so many of you, I have been trying to process what has been taking place in our communities, country, and frankly, the world, over the past week! What I know for sure, is that the tragic death of George Floyd highlights yet another example of the extreme racial disparities that exist in the African American community in particular, but also against people of color. As a nation and as a nonprofit organization, we cannot condone racism, racial violence, disparities, or inequality.
The issue of race and institutional racism and its negative impact must be addressed with systematic changes. While it is a huge issue to tackle, I want you to know that at Astor, our Cultural Sensitivity Quality Improvement Team is working in tandem with me, and Human Resources around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This is so important to the health of staff and clients. 
There is no tolerance at Astor for racism, prejudices, or any dialogue that condones these behaviors. I expect an environment at Astor where staff and clients are free of racism, social injustices, and all systems of oppression. We all have the right to thrive, live, and work in a safe and equitable environment, regardless of race and socioeconomic background.
I stand with all who are being impacted. As a nation, we can do better and I am committed that within our organization, we will do exactly that!
Yvette Bairan
CEO, Astor Services for Children & Families