Introducing Astor’s New Name and Logo

Over the past several months, our agency embarked on a journey with Chicago-based, brand design agency, Soulsight, who helped us rethink, revise, and rebrand, pro bono!

Over the course of this journey, and as we approach our 70th year of providing mental/behavioral health and educational services within the Hudson Valley and the Bronx, we are reminded of how our programs and services have evolved and expanded over the years to meet the needs of our communities.

We are delighted to share our updated brand that reflects those changes and helps showcase our increased scope of work, the diversity of population served, and the hope we have for our families to thrive.

Astor Services: Help. Heal. Hope.

Our new logo, features our updated name, “Astor Services,” along with our traditional “Astor Blue” and a “flower” representing our desire to help our clients blossom and flourish.

Our regional logos (above) illustrate the extent of our reach and diversity of the regions and communities we serve within the Bronx and Hudson Valley.

We have also updated our logo used to represent our affiliation with Catholic Charities (left). And we are proud to uphold the agency’s legacy within our new logo

We want to thank our board, clients, staff and partners who helped inform this process. We are thankful to the Soulsight team for their expertise, guidance and attention to detail as well as holding our hands throughout the process. We could not have asked for a better partner.

We thank YOU for joining us on this journey and for being a part of the Astor Services family!