Kids 4 Kids supporting Astor


Astor’s Kids 4 Kids initiative is a program started in conjunction with the Families for Astor Committee. The initiative is made up of students from the villages of Rhinebeck and Red Hook, ranging in age of 7 to 14 who volunteer their time to fundraise for Astor.  

Families for Astor has been instrumental in fundraising for the Residence in Rhinebeck.  While their parents have always led the efforts with an assist from their children, it is now the kids who are taking charge – engaging and raising money within their communities.



The first project that Kids 4 Kids has taken on is handwriting over 500 holiday cards to friends of Astor in an effort to raise funds for our Expressive Arts Program. This year, fundraising has drastically changed from in-person to more creative ways of engaging our supporters. The Kids 4 Kids initiative has decided to “think outside the box” and is working towards a collective goal for 2021.  


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