Leap Year Giving

Astor’s Residential Programs need an upgraded
“Family Space” where parents/guardians are able to visit
their children to play, reconnect and plan for their future.

Astor takes pride in creating a nurturing environment for children who must live away from their families while they receive treatment. Creating a functional, family-supportive space within the residence has been a goal of the Residential Programs – a program that serves children ages 5–13 with serious behavioral and emotional difficulties. 

As part of Astor’s family-driven centered care,  parents/guardians involement is crucial to successful outcomes for our children. Currently, we lack an actual space that is suited to this purpose in a meaningful way.

For families to relax, play, reconnect and plan for their future, they require and deserve a warm, homey, comfortable place in which to do it! Such a haven would be particularly useful during the interview and intake process and subsequent skill-building activities.

Astor is collecting donations to purchase
items needed to create such a space.