We have renovated our Setonites & Christopher Units

We are thrilled to announce that we have completed the renovation of our Setonites and Christopher units in our Rhinebeck Residence. 

Our initial plan was to renovate only the Setonites unit now and finish the Christopher unit at a later date, but that plan was quickly revised! Hilarie Burton wanted to make sure all of the children had a beautiful new space in time for the holidays! So Hilarie, our volunteers, contractors and staff all rolled up their sleeves and made it happen! Now all four of our units have been renovated!


Hilarie Burton & Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Contractor Mark McEathron, Muralists Tom Cale & Jess Cohen, 
Mike Stanhope Electric, Mike & Debbie of DiBlasi Painting,
Benjamin Moore, Williams Paint & Home Centers
Tim Decker, Mike Stanhope, Jr, Mike Mulvey,  
Jon Paulsen, Jonny Paulsen, Tom Montenegro

Thank You to all of our wonderful volunteers:

 Astor Services and Foundation Board members: 
 Jonathan Berry, Lawrie Bird Firestone, Terri Ferris, Kate Kortbus, 
 Lori Gescheidle, Kim McConville, Jim McGuirk, 
 James Schwab and Rich Whalen

Families for Astor:  
Samantha Binetti, Donna Faraldi, Carol Gorczynski 

Volunteers:   Yvette Bairan, Sarah Carlson, Bryan Firestone, Theresa & Craig Gray, Megan Goodwin, Michelle Hutchinson, Shannon Leddy, Rafael Rodriguez, Tamara Rodriguez, Katie Manley, Charles Merrihew, Kathryn Ornstein, Susan Pruitt, Marla Walker, Eliza Yerry and Astor staff members.

We thank all those who donated to Hilarie’s Registry to furnish the units. 
They look great and the kids are thrilled with their new living space!

View more photos on our Facebook page.


Take a tour of the newly-renovated units with Hilarie Burton.


Hilarie Burton unveils renovated floor of Astor residence.


Before & after photos of our four units.
Thank you to all the volunteers who helped us make this possible!