Trauma Recovery Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

March 2024

Astor celebrates the opening of its Trauma Recovery Center with a Ribbon Cutting


Astor held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for our Trauma Recovery Center on March 4, 2024.

Astor Services has officially unveiled its Trauma Recovery Center, with a ribbon cutting ceremony at its 750 Tilden Street location in the Bronx. The center provides much needed therapeutic and support services to victims of trauma and violence and serves as a community hub to support victims of violent crime in the Bronx, with clear referral pathways from local hospitals, legal defense services, law enforcement, and other critical support providers.

Astor Services CEO Yvette Bairan was on hand to cut the ribbon. “Through the services of The Trauma Recovery Center, Astor aims to reduce the long-term effects of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms caused by individual events or compound trauma,” said Bairan. “I am happy this center is here in the Bronx and is completely free. This is important as this area has the highest poverty rate in the city, and also one of the highest crime rates – factors that can intensify the impacts of trauma and restrict access to care.”

The center provides services to Bronx community members ages 5 and above, and participants can meet in-person, virtually or in their homes. Amber Rodriguez, who was a victim of sexual assault, credits the center with providing her with “exponential growth and healing.” Rodriguez added, “My relationship with the Trauma Recovery Center has allowed me to heal and become a better version of myself. It helped me to find stability when I felt like the ground was sinking beneath my feet and, for that, I am grateful.”

The Trauma Recovery Center is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. People may walk in without an appointment or call 718-231-3400.

You can learn more about the services provided by visiting the Trauma Recovery Center program page.


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