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Therapeutic Boarding School

The Astor Learning Center (ALC), named three times as a Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education, provides a nurturing learning environment where children who have often experienced failure in school can finally succeed. The ALC — started in 1980, our new building opened in 1999 — provides an atmosphere conducive to learning. This includes:

  • Small class sizes of six to eight students.
  • High student/teacher ratios of one teacher and two teacher assistants/class enhances learning.
  • Well-equipped, large and beautifully decorated classrooms (with large windows).
  • Large wide hallways with windows that provide great lighting, where students’ artworks are displayed on a rotating basis throughout the year.
  • A computer lab.
The ALC school - Astor's therapeutic boarding school

photo ©Joel Weisbrod

All academic subjects are taught. Our program has a strong focus on:

Reading. Our philosophy is that as a child’s ability to read improves, so will performance in other subject areas. We provide small group (and sometimes individual) instruction to make every effort to improve our students’ reading abilities.

When a student is struggling, we use a team-based approach to problem-solve, plan solutions and use data to evaluate our success.

Additional services provided:

  • Intensive speech/language, occupational and counseling/therapy, and other specialized services as needed by the student, are part of the program.
  • Social skills training, where children are taught lessons on how to manage their emotions and learn better coping skills.

Day Student Program (Rhinebeck, NY)

Started in 2010, Astor’s Day Student Program enables students who are ready for a less restrictive setting to return home while attending the same school. This helps a great deal with the sometimes difficult transition our students face.

The ALC school - Astor's therapeutic boarding school

photo ©Joel Weisbrod

Children from the local school district are also allowed to attend our Day School Program, enabling children to stay at home yet attend a more structured educational environment.


A Safer, More
Effective School

We provide constant emotional support to help students meet high expectations and make up academic ground. All children attend a six-week summer session, providing the structure and enrichment they need to continue to achieve.

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