The Astor Learning Center

Astor Residential - lighter than air (bubbles)Astor’s On-Site School: Blue Ribbon Award Winning
Therapeutic Boarding School

The Astor Learning Center (ALC), named three times as a Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education, provides a nurturing learning environment where children who have often experienced failure in school can finally succeed. The ALC — started in 1980, our new building opened in 1999 — provides an atmosphere conducive to learning. This includes:

The ALC school - Astor's therapeutic boarding school

photo ©Joel Weisbrod

All academic subjects are taught. Our program has a strong focus on:

Reading. Our philosophy is that as a child’s ability to read improves, so will performance in other subject areas. We provide small group (and sometimes individual) instruction to make every effort to improve our students’ reading abilities.

When a student is struggling, we use a team-based approach to problem-solve, plan solutions and use data to evaluate our success.

Additional services provided:

Day Student Program (Rhinebeck, NY)

Started in 2010, Astor’s Day Student Program enables students who are ready for a less restrictive setting to return home while attending the same school. This helps a great deal with the sometimes difficult transition our students face.

The ALC school - Astor's therapeutic boarding school

photo ©Joel Weisbrod

Children from the local school district are also allowed to attend our Day School Program, enabling children to stay at home yet attend a more structured educational environment.


A Safer, More
Effective School

We provide constant emotional support to help students meet high expectations and make up academic ground. All children attend a six-week summer session, providing the structure and enrichment they need to continue to achieve.

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