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Residential Treatment Center:
Residence Facilities

Pumpkin carving at Astor Residential Treatment CenterChildren’s Residential Living Quarters

Our living quarters are assigned based on each child’s individual needs. Our six residential living quarters offer children a comfortable, clean, safe and friendly environment.

Each residential hall:

In 2012, a new state-of-the art living quarters was completed to replace two existing residential quarters.

Hiking at Astor Residential Treatment FacilityChildren And Residential Experiences (CARE) Philosophy

The focus of our training for direct-care staff is the cutting edge CARE curriculum/ philosophy, which teaches staff to use the power of nurturing, supportive relationships to teach children the skills they need to be successful in the community. CARE incorporates “best practice” in child development, trauma-informed care and family-driven care in order to create a residential treatment environment that supports children’s strengths and lets them build on their successes.

Astor Services Residential Programs

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