A letter from a former student at Astor's Residence

Age 37 Former Astor Resident

My name is Juan Ortiz.

I used to be a child living in Astor Services for Children & Families. Before it used to be called just Astor Home for Children; that was in 1996-1998.

I’m 37 years old now. It was a long time ago almost 40 now. This place was amazing. I can’t never forget the things this place taught me as a child suffering mental health problems.

Astor is one of the big reasons why I’m the man I am today…loving humanity for all the right purposes that truly matters to us today. I had a childhood here.

I wanted to give Astor the love and support on my journey becoming a man today.

May God Bless your franchise. Keep making a difference in children who suffer a lot in mental awareness. Just know I never forgot your works and never will forget.


Thank you, Astor.