Library Programs and Services

School Library

classic childrens literatureAstor’s School Library is available to all staff, and to students currently attending the Astor Learning Center in Rhinebeck.

The Astor Learning Center Library (Rhinebeck) houses an ever-growing collection of fiction, nonfiction and reference materials for students. Additionally, the Library’s video collection provides both educational and entertainment videos for use by classroom teachers, clinicians, social workers and residential students. The Library is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

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Professional Library

The Bibliotherapy Library, located at the Rhinebeck campus, is available to serve the Astor staff at all Astor locations.

The Bibliotherapy Library is a growing collection of books and reference materials for use by staff in helping to meet the needs of our clients.

Professional staff members are encouraged to contact the Librarian for additional information or assistance.

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Donations are the heart of the Library Programs at Astor, and are always welcome. Please contact the Librarian if you wish to make a financial or material donation to the collections.