Master's Level Internship Program

art by Raymond G.Astor’s training program for Social Work started in 1955. Since then, this program has been expanded to include other Master’s level degrees such as Mental Health Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Art Therapy. Accredited by colleges and universities, the program include field placement, supervision, and training. 

The sites, located in the Bronx and Hudson Valley, are licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health. They serve children and families in various settings, including outpatient clinic treatment, day treatment, and home-based crisis intervention programs. Licensed professionals, usually social workers, mental health counselors, and occasionally psychologists, provide supervision on a weekly basis or as otherwise required by the academic program.

Interns are included in agency sponsored staff training and development to enhance their knowledge and skill levels in the areas of assessment and diagnosis, treatment planning, and in the application of evidence-based treatment. There is an expectation that interns function in various capacities providing direct clinical care including intake and assessment, treatment and discharge planning, and case record management.

art by Angela S.Astor regularly accepts interns from Adelphi, Columbia, Fordham, Lehman, NYU and SUNY-Albany as well as from other accredited schools.

Students enrolled in clinical graduate school programs can contact their field placement units to explore opportunities for placements at Astor.

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