2016-17 Astor Learning Center (Residential) Smart Schools Bond Act Preliminary Investment Plan

April 28, 2017

2016-17 Astor Learning Center (Residential)

Smart Schools Bond Act Preliminary Investment Plan

The SMART SCHOOLS BOND ACT OF 2014 (SSBA) was passed in the 2014-15 Enacted Budget and approved by the voters in a statewide referendum held during the 2014 General Election on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. An additional $5 million of Smart Schools Bond Act funding was appropriated to improve learning and opportunity for students with disabilities enrolled in Chapter 853 schools, Special Act School Districts and 4201 schools by funding capital projects to improve access to the Internet, purchase devices and for investment in certain classroom spaces. Information from the State on the addition of Smart Schools Funding for Special Act School Districts can be found on the New York State Education Website, or by clicking the link below:

Astor Learning Center’s Smart Schools Bond Act Allocation: $20,678

Allowable Project Categories:

Install high-speed broadband or wireless internet connectivity for schools;
Acquire learning technology equipment or facilities, including but not limited to interactive whiteboards, computer servers, and desktop, laptop, and tablet computers;
Construct, enhance, and modernize educational facilities to accommodate prekindergarten programs and to provide instructional space to replace classroom trailers; and/or
Install high-tech security features in school buildings and on school campuses, including but not limited to video surveillance, emergency notification systems, and physical access controls
The Astor Learning Center has proposed three projects that fall into Categories 1 and 2 above:

·         Infrastructure – wireless internet access points

·         Access to Devices – laptops/carts, interactive whiteboards

The Smart Schools Bond Act funds will serve to update the wireless infrastructure in the Astor Learning Center, as well as to provide teaching and learning technology that supports 21st century standards.

This initial proposal shall be authorized by the Astor Services for Children and Families Board of Directors, and the Preliminary Smart Schools Investment Plan submitted to the New York State Education Department for initial review and approval.

Please feel free to contact us at  or with any questions.

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