Happy Thanksgiving!!

I was rather taken by something Laura Pensiero owner of Gigi’s Trattoria in Rhinebeck said the other day: “Food tastes better when it’s shared.” That goes right to the point of the Pilgrim holiday we’re about to celebrate.

And it goes right to the heart of all that they’re trying to accomplish with the annual Thanksgiving feast for the children and staff of Astor. When goodness, caring and warmth are shared, we are all the better for it.


Bringing together as they did last year, Laura will be donating a freshly cooked locally sourced turkey dinner with all the trimmings so that the children (and staff) who cannot be with their families this Thanksgiving can share in the abundance of the Hudson River Valley. And, we’ll be happily joined by Gigi’s supporter and partner, Sean Eldridge of Hudson River Ventures.

Sharing of course, is what Astor is all about. Sharing a healthy meal and the convivial smiles and chatter of family and friends. Someone once said that home is where you can always return and they’ll happily take you back. We can’t think of a better description of Astor’s mission than that.

Happy Thanksgiving!