Job Application Instructions & Troubleshooting

Our online application form requires:

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What can you do if you encounter problems submitting our online application?


  1. Change the settings of your browser so that both Javascript and cookies are enabled; then go back to the job list and try again.
  2. Apply for one of our jobs using a different browser, or from a different computer. A hand-held device will not work. Since your issue might be related to network or security software issues, for your best chance of success you should use a different computer in a different location altogether.
  3. Print a paper copy of our job application form using the link below. Complete the paper application form and mail it to our Human Resources department, following the instructions provided with the form. You may include a cover letter and resume with your application if desired. (Submitting a paper application by mail will not hurt your chances of getting a job!)

Form Errors

Even if you have met all of the above requirements, form errors do occasionally occur during the application process. Our application collects a lot of personal information, so it contains more than typical levels of security checks to help protect your information. These security checks can occasionally trigger false alarms that can result in form errors. Our online application form successfully processes between 500 to 1,000 applications each month, with a submission success rate better than 98%. Still, if you are among the few applicants who experience a problem, we understand that it can be frustrating.

The most common problems are network connection problems: the form is unable to connect with the secure server which processes the application. (These errors typically occur at the time you try to submit the form.) Sometimes, these types of errors are simply temporary: a poor connection, weak Wi-Fi signal, or simply network congestion. Check your connection and be sure that you are still connected to the internet. Trying again at a later time, or obtaining a stronger W-Fi signal can sometimes bring success.

Firewall problems occasionally occur. Your security software, or network firewall, may prevent you from submitting the form properly. Equipment problems can also be an issue. Out-dated browsers or operating systems can cause trouble. If you suspect either of these problems, try to submit your application using a different browser, or preferably use a different computer in a different location altogether.

Remembering that 98% + of our applications go through successfully, submitting from a different location and computer usually proves successful!

Of course, the most certain method of getting your application reviewed if you have form problems is the old-fashioned way: print, complete and mail the paper application (below.)

Thank you for your interest in working at Astor. We look forward to reviewing your application!

View/print/download the Astor Employment Application

If you have specific questions about a problem that occurred while using our application form, you can contact our webmaster. Please provide as many specific details in the contact form as possible!