Astor Through the Years: 1970's

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  • February 16 – The third Astor Child Guidance Clinic opened in Beacon.


  • 5th Anniversary of the Rhinebeck Child Guidance Clinic.
  • Spellman Group Home for Girls moved from Staatsburg to the Bronx.


  • 20th Anniversary of The Astor Home for Children.
  • Two Day Treatment Programs were opened in Poughkeepsie to serve Dutchess County residents; and in the Bronx to serve the Williamsbridge catchment area.
  • The 20-Year Study was initiated in April and the 20th anniversary celebration was held on June 16, 1973.


  • 5th Anniversary of the Poughkeepsie Child Guidance Clinic.
  • The fourth Astor Child Guidance Clinic opened in the Northeast Bronx serving the Williamsbridge catchment area.
  • On March 18, 1974 the Bronx Day Treatment Program was certified by New York State Office of Mental Health.
  • The Astor Home for Children became one of the first psychiatric facilities for children in the nation to be accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAH) which it has maintained to the present.
  • Residence enrollment increased to 64 children in September.


  • 5th Anniversary of the Beacon Child Guidance Clinic.
  • The initiation of the Learning Disabilities Program and the Developmental Screening Program in the Bronx. Also, a Bronx Advisory Board was formed.


  • 10th Anniversary of the Rhinebeck Child Guidance Clinic.
  • Poughkeepsie Day Treatment Program relocated; 2nd JCAH accreditation.
  • On September 8, 1976 the Bronx Child Guidance Clinic was certified by New York State Office of Mental Health.


  • Forensic Services to the Family Court of Dutchess County were initiated to provide evaluative and consultative services around child custody issues, juvenile justice decisions and child and adolescent placements.
  • The Manhattan Family Service Office moved to the Northeast Bronx; 3rd JCAH accreditation.


  • On June 17, 1978, Astor celebrated its 25th anniversary at Family Day Reunion with Terence Cardinal Cooke and Mrs. Vincent Astor as distinguished guests. The first Annual Astor Service Award was presented to Mrs. Vincent Astor at the Silver Jubilee Dinner and a new historical paper on The Astor Home property was presented at the Historical Luncheon in December.
  • 5th Anniversary of the Bronx and Dutchess Day Treatment Programs.
  • The Astor Tieline began publication in April. At the Annual Fall Conference Astor published its 10-Year Follow-Up Study “Ego Impaired Children Grow Up.”
  • A satellite to the Beacon Clinic was initiated in Wappingers Falls.
  • The Astor Home for Children was designated permanent grantee by the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare (now Health & Human Services) to operate the Head Start Family Resource Program at five centers in Dutchess County; Poughkeepsie, Beacon, Hyde Park, Dover Plains and Millerton. Three centers also have a Day Care Program – Beacon, Hyde Park and Millerton.
  • Three additional Group Homes (1701 and 1703 St. Peter’s Avenue and the Glover Street House) for girls in the Bronx were accepted from St. Germaine’s. The Sister Gervase Brennan Educational Fund was established for special tuition for the Group Home residents.
  • Enrollment at the residential treatment center increased to 70 children (October 28, 1978).


  • 5th Anniversary of the Bronx Child Guidance Clinic.
  • 10th Anniversary of the Poughkeepsie Child Guidance Clinic.
  • The Astor Home for Children began its first major capital fund raising campaign to provide an approved facility for its outpatient mental health programs in the Bronx. Astor accepted full administrative responsibility for the Head Start Center in Dover Plains, which it had supervised programmatically since 1978. Head Start Policy Council formed March 27, 1979.