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Healing With Mosaic

Healing With Mosaic gives insight into one of our integral programs– mosaic, led by Roberta Anderson and Kathleen Gavin. Children who are interested are encouraged to take part in the process. The art speaks for itself!

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Making and Enjoying Hudson Valley Fare at Home

Laura Pensiero, the founder, owner, and creative force behind Gigi Hudson Valley, is a constant reminder that healthy food does not equate to less tasty food. Read more about Gigi Hudson Valley and their relationship to Astor in our blog and in the upcoming issue of Astor Family Magazine.

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Magee Hickey – Continuing a Legacy of Giving

Magee Hickey, the accomplished news reporter with decades of experience at major television networks, including, NBC and CBS, and most recently at PIX 11 and NY1 has chosen to follow in her parent’s footsteps by supporting Astor.

“I was always extremely proud of my parents,” says Hickey, who describes having parents like Larry and Jean as “winning the lottery.” She does not mean in terms of money, but in terms of having great parents who set wonderful examples for her and her siblings…

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Giving Back – An Answer to Tragedy

Last week, JoAnne Bacon, a Newtown mom whose 6 year old daughter, Charlotte, was killed in the Newtown shootings one year ago today, asked that the caring citizens of our country mark this anniversary by practicing acts of kindness in our own communities.

In the communities that Astor serves, there are so many opportunities to act as an agent of hope for children who need your help.

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