Executive Director

CEO: Ambassador in Chief

In a recent video, Dr. McGuirk explains why external/stakeholder relations is one of his top-tier CEO priorities, and why he plays the Ambassador-in-Chief role with gusto.

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Holiday Message from the Executive Director

While for most of us, the holiday season is filled with lots of joy and wonder, some of our children have never experienced the true joy of having a loving, caring adult in their lives. And most are from families that struggle to put food on the table not only during the holiday season, but throughout the year.

My hope is that when our kids look back on their lives, they do not focus on the trauma and the challenges, but the beauty they’ve experienced! …

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Sandy Hook Elementary School

As the images of the victims from Sandy Hook Elementary School are being broadcasted throughout our country, we are confronted with the reality that these children look so much like our own children. While we mourn the victims of Sandy Hook, let’s not forget that in many communities, the death of innocent children by gun violence happens way too often. This was the seventh mass murder in this country this year. Let’s not forget the past victims.  And most important, let’s act.

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Astor Upgrades – Improved Living Quarters For Our Children

The environments we provide for our clients and our staff can either increase the effectiveness of our work, or make it more difficult to create the kinds of impacts we want for our kids and families.

Photos © 2012 Joel Weisbrod & jwArtWorks Photography


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Welcome to The Astor Blog From Dr. James McGuirk

Keeping you up to date with The Astor Blog, your source for the latest happenings at Astor Services.

We are excited to be launching the new Astor Blog. In this short video, I’d like to introduce you to the blog and some of our bloggers, and give you an idea of what you can expect in the coming months.

This 5 min. video also contains a short introduction to Astor Services For Children & Families and the services we provide.

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