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CEO: Ambassador in Chief

In a recent blog post in the “Extraordinary CEO” blog, Astor’s CEO James McQuirk has recorded a “podcast” about the importance of the role of “Ambassador in Chief.”

The CEO as Ambassador in Chief

In the video, Dr. McGuirk joins Irene Rickus, President/CEO of the Children’s Home in Tampa, Florida, in a discussion in which they explain why external/stakeholder relations is one of their top-tier CEO priorities, and why they both play the Ambassador-in-Chief role with gusto.

Jim and Irene explain that wearing the Ambassador-in-Chief hat involves not only speaking on behalf of your organization in important external forums – telling audiences about its values, vision, mission, programs, and accomplishments – but also listening carefully as a way of understanding what people, including clients, think of your organization.

Learn More

Please visit and read the entire blog post here.

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