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Astor is committed to providing high quality treatment and child development services for youngsters and their families in the least restrictive setting and at the earliest possible point of intervention. To this end, we operate a wide range of community-based and residential behavioral health treatment programs as well as early childhood development and parenting programs at multiple locations throughout our service region.

Astor values a collaborative approach to service development and delivery. The services we provide today are the response to identified needs in the communities where they are located and are often delivered in partnership with other service providers such as schools, BOCES, day care providers, foster care agencies, shelters, etc.

Astor now serves thousands of children each year, not including family members, and the need keeps growing. More than ever, we need to give children a healthy childhood that prepares them to fulfill their potential and give back to their communities. Because every child deserves a childhood.

Our mission is to provide behavioral and educational services in a caring environment where children and their families find strength, healing, hope and trust.

Our vision is to see children meet life’s challenges, pursue their dreams, and reach their full potential.