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Welcome to The Astor Blog From Dr. James McGuirk

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Astor is committed to providing high quality treatment and child development services for youngsters and their families in the least restrictive setting and at the earliest possible point of intervention. To this end, we operate a wide range of community-based and residential behavioral health treatment programs as well as early childhood development and parenting programs at multiple locations throughout our service region.

Astor values a collaborative approach to service development and delivery. The services we provide today are the response to identified needs in the communities where they are located and are often delivered in partnership with other service providers such as schools, BOCES, day care providers, foster care agencies, shelters, etc.

Astor now serves thousands of children each year, not including family members, and the need keeps growing. More than ever, we need to give children a healthy childhood that prepares them to fulfill their potential and give back to their communities. Because every child deserves a childhood.

Our mission is to provide behavioral and educational services in a caring environment where children and their families find strength, healing, hope and trust.

Our vision is to see children meet life’s challenges, pursue their dreams, and reach their full potential.

5 comments on “Welcome to The Astor Blog From Dr. James McGuirk

  1. Artie Ramirez says:

    Hi James, Im glad to see that you have a blog now. I have been wanting to contact someone at Astor for a while now. I was a student [client] at Astor Home for children back in the 50s. A few years befor the present church was built, and befor they started accepting young girls. Ive had a lot of good years in my life, and I beleive I can thank the folks that raised me. folks
    like Sister Dorety Ann,tought us right from wrorng. Nancy Brown was sotta like a nanny, always bulit a cake for someones birthday. And of course there was Don Roy, Dan Burns,and Sister Mary Rose, Sister Alice Patricia, and the wounderfull Mr. Shay'[in your photo section there is a picture of myself with Mr. Shay]
    I will be turning 60yrs old this year and as i've said many of them were good years. I was an EMT-D on a volunteer ambulance for 7-8 years. spent some time in collage, worked in the drug and alcohol feild for almost 18 yrs. and at present am a caretaker for a summer resort.
    I guess I just wante to say Thank You to all the folks who truly gave me a very memoribly childhood.

    With Love and Respect
    Artie Ramirez

    • James McGuirk says:

      Thanks Artie for sharing these lovely memories of your time at Astor! While the sisters are no longer at Astor, their values and how they loved and cared for our children, are embedded in how our staff continue to work with the children and families.

      We will be celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2013 and we are reaching out to former students to take part in activities that are currently being planned. I am so happy that you “stopped by.” Please contact Sonia Barnes-Moorhead (845) 871-1117 at Astor, and give your detailed contact information so we can be sure to keep you informed and updated. Thanks so much again for sharing your memories!

  2. As a custodial grandparent of child who is currently a resident at Astor, I have to say that Astor has been such a blessing to our family. Prior to attening Astor, our child, who suffers from bipolar disorder, was having huge swings in mood and behavior on a daily basis. He would go from suicidal thoughts to violent physical outburst against anyone in his path.

    Astor has been able to manage his medications thereby getting his mood swings under control. They have taught him coping skills and a helped him to develop a "safety plan". They have provided him with individual, group and family therapy programs. He is in an educational setting where he is able to be successful.

    Parents are kept informed every step of the way and are encouraged to be active participants in their child's wellness plan.

    The staff is just outstanding – compassionate, caring, skilled, friendly and warm.

    I can not say enough good things about the program. Our child is scheduled to come home in June. We know that because of Astor, he will be successful. Thank you!

    • James McGuirk says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I am so happy to hear of the impact our Residential program is having on your grand child; and that he will be able to go home in June! This is certainly one of our goals – to work with each child and their family members so that the child can return home. Our staff, as you have experienced, are truly committed to making sure that each child gets the best possible care. I am so delighted to get this feedback and will be sure to pass it on to our staff! I wish your grand child and your family continued success.

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