Public Policy Breakfast with Dr. Mark Katz

“Changing the Odds, One School Day at a Time” with Dr. Mark Katz

Astor Services is a shining example of a community-based non-profit organization in the Hudson Valley that believes education in the broadest sense does make a difference in the lives of children and families.

On Thursday, March 15th Dr. Mark Katz, a clinical and consulting psychologist in San Diego, CA and author of On Playing a Poor Hand Well will be the keynote speaker at the Public Policy Breakfast at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel. Co-sponsored with the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce, this yearly event distinguishes itself by bringing together our community – from every sector – listening, learning and participating in the discussion about issues that impact someone in the circle of our lives.

Most recently Dr. Katz has worked with colleagues from around the country on a federally sponsored multi-year media campaign designed to increase public awareness of bullying and other forms of school violence.

Tragedy in Ohio: When the Bullied Strike Back – Huffington Post, February 29 states, “Bullying is not, as some allege, some mandatory rite of passage that young people must endure on their journey to adulthood. This is not “kids just being kids.” This is a murderous game that young people are playing all across this country, and without immediate intervention by adults — parents, teachers, community leaders — we will continue to see more and more deaths, and the slow and painful obliteration of a generation.”  Did you know that one out of three children is bullied at school, in the neighborhood or online and that one out of three children bullies others?

Dr. Katz will speak positively to research being done that identifies specific sources of resilience, as well as specific buffers or protective influences that help explain why some people “beat the odds” and the important role that schools can play in incorporating them into the lives of our most at risk children, youth, families and young adults.

The Public Policy breakfast is an opportunity for us to learn about the resources being made available to our children, now and for their future. Please join us on Thursday, March 15 to support Astor Services and the work they do, dedicated to the philosophy that every child deserves a childhood!

Following the Public Policy Breakfast (from 10 AM – 4 PM; $75 fee), Dr. Katz will conduct a workshop entitled, “Changing the Odds, One School Day at a Time.” Dr. Katz will explore the lessons learned from those who have overcome adverse childhood experiences and discusses ways of incorporating these lessons into our existing system of care.  If you are interested in attending this session, contact Dr. Athena Drewes or Phone 845-673-4260×232.

Learn more about the workshop HERE.