Thank you. Gracias. Much appreciated. Grazie. Danke.

Easy to say, always well received.

A few years back, with looming budgetary concerns, the suggestion was made to our Board of Directors that Astor scale back on our Annual Employee Mixer.

RH_ASTOR60TH1_1930To their credit, several Board Members were adamant the event go on; while not annually, every other year, with all the festivities it was famous for. And so it has continued every other year since, as a testament to the regard—and appreciation—for the many dedicated Astor employees.

The Board of Directors is invited to attend. Their attendance – putting a face on the thank-you card is very meaningful to over 400 staff and guests who attend.

As a Board Member, it is important we support this event for staff! Why should we?

It’s almost a cliché that in every workplace people have an innate need to feel appreciated and valued by others. And Astor Services for Children & Families did just that at the September 28th Employee Mixer at The Grandview in Poughkeepsie.

We recognized employee milestones from five to forty years, and celebrated in a culture of value, appreciation… and gratitude.

What does gratitude get you? Research says when employees feel valued, they’re satisfied with their jobs and consequently will work longer hours and engage in productive relationships with other employees and their supervisors. They are motivated to do their best and work toward achieving their company’s goals.

RH_ASTOR60TH_2478But my experience at this year’s Employee Mixer put a personal face on the real worth of being appreciated. Several Astor employees came up to me and thanked me for attending, for being there, for supporting the work they do, every day, every week, for five years or forty.

Was it worth the few hours out of my schedule? You betcha!

It’s the reciprocity that matters. Will it make Astor more effective, a better environment more able to cope with the difficulties and challenges we take on daily? Who can say. But gratitude for those on the frontlines is simple enough. And that alone is a responsibility for everyone on the Board.