Life Lessons Learned At Astor: Exercise Patience

I Learned Appropriate Responses To My Emotions
While I Was A Young Student At Astor.

While at Astor, I learned a lot of lessons and skills that have served me well over the past several decades since I was a student in the residential program.

One lesson that I thought appropriate to write about today, especially in light of the infamous shooting death of a young Black man in Florida, has to do with reactions and how we should control them as individuals and as a group.

I Learned That We Should Not Always Jump To Conclusions

I learned that we should not always jump to conclusions but rather, take time to breath, process and assess before reacting. I learned appropriate responses to my emotions while I was a young student at Astor.

I am glad to say that this has served me well over the years. I’d like to think I no longer jump to conclusions. That I always wait for all the data – that there is more to know. Even the possibility I may be wrong, but with all available information my decisions are based on the best possible conclusions. Now, am I always able to do so? No, but I would like to think that for the most part I do.

Back to the headlines – all around, assumptions and conclusions are being made with few facts, and emotions are at an all-time high. Let me suggest we exercise patience. Let’s relax and do a little waiting. There’s a little something in it for all of us. If nothing else, possibly we will learn something new, even about ourselves.