Enhanced Coordinated Children's Services Initiative (ECCSI)

Hudson Valley

child's artworkWhat is ECCSI?

  • A process that seeks to prevent out-of-home placement
  • A collaborative effort among families, community agencies and other concerned parties that seek to strengthen the families of children, ages 0-18, at risk of placement outside the home
  • The primary goal of this process is to effectively coordinate services to meet the family’s needs

Who will benefit from ECCSI?

Any Family with a child (or children), ages 0-18 in which:

  • The primary goal of this process is to effectively coordinate services to meet the family’s needs.
  • Child exhibits behavioral/emotional/developmental concerns or delays, in home/school/community
  • Parent/child relationship is distressed
  • Family struggles with domestic violence, substance abuse or other barriers to healthy family life
  • Child is at risk for removal/placement or is returning from placement
  • Family seeks assistance in accessing coordinated and integrated services
  • Pregnant women


  • To increase access to community-based preventive services to families
  • To decrease referrals to social services system
  • To create the structure necessary for effective coordination of community services and enhanced family functioning
  • To identify gaps and barriers to services in the current early childhood development system

What is a network meeting?

A network meeting is when the family comes together for a one-time gathering in a relaxed and informal setting to create an individualized family plan with a supportive team made up of friends, relatives, clergy, therapists, teachers or guidance counselors and representatives from various community agencies.

The goals of the Network Meeting for the family and supportive team are:

  • to identify and appreciate the strengths of the family
  • to identify the current concerns regarding the child(ren) at risk and perhaps other family members
  • to work together to develop a plan of action for connecting the family to resources that can be of assistance

After the network meeting:

The ECCSI team stays in contact with the family and the supportive team to be sure the tasks of the Family Plan are carried out.

ECCSI flow chart

Aspects of ECCSI

  • ECCSI creates a plan that is individual for each family; no two families are alike, therefore, each plan is different.
  • Families can expect to be treated with respect. Family input is the most important piece to the family plan; after all, you know your family the best.
  • ECCSI provides opportunities to connect you with other families in similar situations.
  • At ECCSI, the family is an equal partner.

How does the ECCSI process work?

  • Step 1: A phone call from the family member or the person referring the family to ECCSI (i.e., nurse, teacher, etc.). Call the ECCSI Coordinator at (845) 486-9743 x103.
  • Step 2: The ECCSI Coordinator completes a brief telephone screening with the referent or self-referred family and determines if the child/family meets the basic criteria for the process (to see who will benefit from ECCSI).
  • Step 3: If the family does not meet the criteria, then there is an immediate consultation and referral to the appropriate community resources.
  • If the family does meet the criteria, then a home visit is made to the family. At the visit we discuss the family’s strengths and the possibility of having a network meeting.
  • If family and ECCSI agree to have a network meeting then the ECCSI Coordinator schedules the meeting to be held at the family’s convenience.

Contact Us

For more information on ECCSI, please feel free to contact:

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Emergency Services:

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  • United Way: 211
  • Parent Helpline: 1-800-342-7472

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Enhanced Coordinated Children’s Services Initiative brochure in Spanish (PDF file)

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