Probation Based Services Programs

Hudson Valley

handsAstor Community Based Services programs available to youth at Dutchess County Probation.


Collaborative Solutions Team (CST)

Targeted youth:

High risk youth entering the juvenile justice system (status offenders and JD)

Services provided:

The CST is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals attached to the Dutchess County Probation Department. The team is comprised of an adolescent substance abuse specialist (from DCDMH), and an Astor Community Based Services consulting clinical psychologist. The team provides Assessment/Referral and Consultation Services, (not treatment services).


No specific number. The intakes on all youth entering into probation services are reviewed for possible assistance needs by an Intake Review Committee. (The committee includes Astor staff). Cases that are identified as appropriate for services are flagged for referral into the indicated services.


Performance indicators measuring the number of placements prevented and prevention of further family court involvement are utilized.

Juvenile Risk Intervention Services Coordination (J-RISC)

Astor Community Based Services provides family therapy services as a component of this program.


Targeted youth are JD and PINS youth on diversion, or probation supervision, who are identified as high risk by the YASI tool in the domains of Family, Community/Peer, Skills and Attitudes.


JRISC utilizes an intensified team intervention approach. The team includes a probation officer dedicated to the JRISC assigned youth, a probation employed case manager and an Astor clinician specifically trained in Functional Family Therapy (FFT).


A caseload of 12 – 15 families with a goal of providing services to 50 families annually.

Program Goal:

Prevention of out of home placements and recidivism of the youth’s involvement with the juvenile justice system.


A YASI reassessment on completion of the FFT program, and outcome measurements on follow-up, measuring recidivism and placements of serviced youth.

Referral Process:

Potential cases are referred to JRISC by the Probation Family Court Unit Supervisors.

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For more information or to make a referral to this program, contact:

Probation Based Services Program Director
Tel: (845) 486-4840

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