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School-Based Behavioral Health and Training Program

Hudson Valley

SchoolboyAstor has decades of experience working with special needs children in collaboration with the departments of education and school-age day treatment programs as well as clinic-based school satellite programs. Astor is offering an array of services derived from evidence-based models, providing a comprehensive mental health partnership that is flexible and customizable to the unique needs of each school population.


Universal Interventions

Designed to impact the entire school; including:

      ·  Assessment

      ·  Training/Education

      ·  Identification and referrals


Selective Interventions

Classroom & group interventions target at-risk students and enhance faculty skills; including:

      ·  Intensive case consultation with teachers and school support team

      ·  PBIS/TCI Crisis Assessment

      ·  Groups with identified students

      ·  Specific staff training

      ·  Teacher consultation

      ·  Crisis avoidance, crisis response, and peer mediation


Targeted Interventions

For identified individual students and families in need; including:

      ·  Evidence-based treatment, assessments, and evaluations as part of on-site Article 31 satellite
         school-based mental health clinic

      ·  Supervisory oversight to provide individual, group and family Cognitive-Behavioral
         psychotherapy, crisis intervention, and behavioral health assessment and evaluation services

      ·  Mental health/educational referrals and case planning


*All prices are calculated based on Medicaid/commercial insurance mix of student population using a cost-share model with school district & Astor Services


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